Friday, May 28, 2010

Love Is Quilt

This is my first attempt at quilting in 15 years. Back then I made a simple square patch quilt in various shades of blue. I used the machine to sew pieces together but hand quilted around every block, did I mention the blocks were 4" square and the quilt was almost single bed size 8^)
I made it for my youngest son and quilted his name across the top. It was a crude attempt at quilting but believe it or not my son still has and uses that same quilt. Although he is 15 and his 5'10" frame sticks out both ends he has no inclination to trade it for anything else.
Now back to this quilt top. I got the free block pattern from Paula at Also check out on the right side of her page under "Check Out These Pages" her Free Seasons Sew-A-Long and Block Party Club.
I have chosen for this piece to put some of my chosen background fabric between the squares.
I have this piece laying out on display in my store. So many people are amazed when they find out the embroidery is done by end. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling receiving their compliments.
I have been asked what I'm going to do with it when I'm done. I say the same as with all my creations I won't know until it's done
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