Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Block 4: Gifts of Grace

I finished block 4 of the Gifts of Grace series this weekend.
I'm really enjoying doing these blocks. I'm also learning new stitches as I go. This time the new stitch was the Portugese stem stitch, you can directions here: http://www.rocksea.org/hand-embroidery/stem-stitch/portugese-stem-stitch
I used this stitch for outlining the bird.

Hope you enjoy.
Take Care,


Karen said...

Sweet (tweet) block Robyn!

And, welcome to One Flower Wednesday! I have added your link to the Garden Party list. Feel free to use the lovely logo (on my sidebar) designed by Valentina for One Flower Wednesday. Also be sure to use the Sign In sheet, on the weeks you are posting, so other members know who to visit. I look forward to watching your garden grow!

Judith Tetley said...

Hi Robyn, I just popped in to see how your were going with your Mini Gift crafting for the Early Bird Christmas Gift box? I've noted that you have three gifts on your blog; did you do more than that? I want to put your total beside your blog name and put you in the monthly draw.
Kind Regard